I. Definitions

The conceptsused in these Regulationsshall mean:

1.Client- a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unitthat is not alegal person,grantedspeciallegal capacity under specific provisions, making Orders inthe Store;

2.Civil Code- theAct of 23April 1964. (Journal of Laws No. 16,item93, as amended);

3.Regulations - these Regulationsprovide electronic servicesas part ofan online

4.Online Store(Store)– the Internet serviceavailable atwww.dampo.euthrough which acustomercansubmitordersin particular;

5.Goods the products presentedin the Online Store;

6.The sales contract-a contract of saleof the Goodswithin the meaning ofthe Civil Code, concluded betweenwww.dampol.euPiotr Dammeand the Client, entered into usingthe store’s web site;

7.The Act on specialterms of consumer sales- the Act of27 July 2002on special conditions ofconsumer salesand amending theCivil Code(Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, asamended);

8.The Law onelectronic services- the Act of18 July 2002on the provision ofelectronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item1204, as amended);

9.Order- the Client's statement of will aimeddirectly at theconclusion ofthe sale, specifying in particular thetype and quantity ofthe Goods.

II.General Provisions

2.1.The Rules define theterms and conditionsavailable atthe online store

2.2.These Rulesare the rules referred to inArt.8of the Act onelectronic services.

2.3.The online Store, under www.dampol.euis run byPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme, 1 Tysiąclecia Street,13-240Iłów-Osada.

2.4.These Rulesshall specify in particular:

a) therules forthe registration anduse of the accountin the context ofan online Store;

b) the terms and conditions for electronic bookingavailable in theonline Store;

c) the terms and conditionsof electronic Orders as part ofthe online Store;

d) the rules of the contractof salewith the use ofthe services providedinthe Online Store.

2.5.In order to usethe online Store the Client shouldgettheir ownaccess to a computeror aterminal devicewith Internet access.

2.6.In accordance with the applicable laws,PPUHDAMPOLreserves the right tolimit the provision of the services through theOnline Storefor personswho are not 18.In thiscase, potentialclients will benotified of the above.

2.7.Clients canget access to theseRules atany timevia thelink on themain,download them and print them.

2.8.Informationaboutthe Goodsquoted on the website of the Store, in particular their descriptions, technical and performance characteristicsand prices, arean invitation to contracting, within the meaning ofArt.71of the Civil Code.

III.Terms of useof the Internet Store

3.1.The condition to startusing theOnline Store isto registerin it.

3.2. The registration is by completingand acceptingthe registration form availableon oneof the websites of the Store.

3.3. A condition of the registration is to accept theTerms and Conditions andto provide the personal informationmarked asmandatory.

3.4.P.P.U.H.DAMPOLPiotr Dammemay deprive theclientof the right tousethe Online Store, and may partly or fully limit their access to the resources of the Online Store, with immediate effect, in theevent of a breachby the Clientof the Rulesand, inparticular, when theclient:

a) provided,during the registration process in theOnline Store, untrue, inaccurate or outdated data, misleading or violating therights of third parties,

b) committed the infringementof any third party rights through theOnline Store, in particularpersonal propertyother rights of the Clients of the Online Store

c) exhibitedother behaviorsthat are considered byPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDammeinconsistent with the applicable law orgeneral principlesof using the Internetor are detrimental to thegood name of thePPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme

3.5.Any person whohas beendeprived of the rightto use theOnline Storecannotregister againwithout prior consent of the PPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme.

3.6.In order toensure the safetyof sending messagesanddata in connectionwith the deliveredserviceswithin theSites, the Online Storetakestechnical and organizational measuresappropriateto the safety of the services, in particular measuresto prevent acquisitionand modificationby unauthorized persons the personal dataforwarded over the Internet.

3.7.The client is obligedin particular:

a)not to produceand not to forward anycontent prohibitedby law, e.g. contents promotingviolence, defamatory orviolating personal rightsand other rightsof third parties,

b) touse theOnline Storewithout disturbingits functioning, in particular through theuse of specific softwareor devices,

c) to refrain from such actions assending or postingunsolicited commercials(spam) under theOnline Store

d) touse theOnline Storewithout major inconvenience toother clients andtoPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme

e) to use any of thecontent contained in theOnline Storeonlyfor personal use,

f) touse theOnline Storein accordancewith the provisionsin force in theRepublic ofPoland, the provisionsof the Rules, as well as with the general principlesof using the Internet.

IV.The procedure forthe conclusionof sale

4.1.In order toconclude the Contract of Sales viathe Internet, go to the website, choosethe goods, prepayment and itsdenomination, takingtechnical stepsbased onthe displayedmessages, and theinformation availableon the website.

4.2.The selection ofGoods ordered by youis made byadding themto your cart.

4.3.When submitting orders-until pressingthe “Order” button - the clienthas the possibility tomodify the inputdata andthe selection ofthe Goods.To do this,follow theonscreenpromptsand the informationavailableon the website.

4.4.After providing all of the necessary data by the Online Store Client,a summary of the Order will be displayed. The summary of the Order will containinformation on:

a) theobject of the Order,

b) theunitandtotal pricefor the products orservices, includingdelivery costsand additional costs(if any),

c) thechosen method of payment,

d) themethod of delivery,

e) thetimeof delivery,

f) thenumber or numbersfor prepayment

4.5.In order to sendOrders, it is necessary to accept the Rules, to provide personal informationmarkedas mandatoryandpress the “Order” button

4.6.Sending and Order by a Client is a declaration ofintention to conclude a Contract of Sale withthePPUHDAMPOL PiotrDamme, in accordance withthe Rules.

4.7.After placing andOrder, the Client receives ane-mail entitledwww.dampol.euAcknowledgement of receiptof the Order [number], containing thefinal confirmation of all ofthe essential elements ofthe Order.

4.8.The Contract shall be treatedas concludedfrom themoment ofreceipt of thee-mail referred toabove.

4.9.The Contract of Saleisin German and Polish, it’scontent is in accordancewith the Rules.


5.1.The delivery of the Goodstakes place inthe EuropeanUnionand is executedto the address specifiedby the client when placingorders.

5.2.The delivery of the orderedgoodsis doneby a courier, by postand an additionaltransport serviceof the Seller.The delivery costswill be indicatedatthe time of the Order.

5.3.The termof the deliveryis between1 to 30working days from thedate of dispatch ofthe Client’s Order.The Delivery timemay changeand in such a case the Purchaserwill be informedby an e-mail.

5.4.Clients canget access to theseRules atany timevia thelink found on themain, download themand print them.

5.5.Saving, securing, allowing access andconfirming the relevantprovisions of theContract of Sale of the Customer take place by sendingan e-mail, and by joining a printedconfirmation to the parcel containing theGoods, along with the Order’sspecifications andthe invoice.

VI.Pricing andpayment methods

6.1.The prices of Goods are givenin EUROand include allcomponents, includingVAT (with the rate indicated), customs and anyother components.

6.2.The client has the option topay theprice via:
a) atransfer to thebank account number(courier, mail)

b) cash (additional transport service of the Seller)

VII.Complaints aboutthe Goods

7.1.P.P.U.H.DAMPOLPiotrDamme,as theseller is liable tothe Clientwho is a consumerwithin the meaning ofArt.22[1] of the Civil Code, for non-compliancewith the Contract,the sale ofthe Goodspurchased bythe client, tothe extent specifiedinthe Act onthe specificterms of consumer sales.

7.2.Claims arisingfrom the infringement of therights oftheclient guaranteed by law, or on the basisof these Rules,should be addressed is obligated to considerany complaintwithin 14days, and ifit was notpossible, to informtheClient about theperiodwhen thecomplaint is to be considered.

VIII.Irregularitiesin the provision ofelectronic servicesandreports

8.1.P.P.U.H.DAMPOLPiotrDammetakes action toensure theproper operation of theStore, to the extent thatit results from thecurrent technical knowledge andundertakes to removeany irregularities reportedby customers within a reasonable time.

8.2. The Client shall immediatelynotifyPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDammeof any irregularities orserviceinterruptions in the functioning of the Store.

8.3. The Client may report any irregularities in thefunctioning of the Storein writingto the following address: PPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme, 1 Tysiąclecia Street, 13-240Iłów-Osada, e-mail

8.4.TheClient’sreport shouldinclude yourname,mailing address, type and dateof the irregularitiesrelated to thefunctioning of the Store.

8.5.P.P.U.H.DAMPOLPiotrDammeis obligated to considerany complaintwithin 14days, and ifit was notpossible, to inform theClient on the periodwhen thecomplaint is to be considered.

IX.Final provisions

9.1. The settlement ofany disputes arisingbetweenPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDammeand the Clientwho is a consumerwithin the meaning ofArt.22[1] of the Civil Code, shall besubjectto the competentCourtsin accordance with therelevantprovisions of the Codeof Civil Procedure.

9.2.The settlement ofany disputes arisingbetweenPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDammeand the Client whois not a consumerwithin the meaning ofArt.22[1] of the CivilCode, shall besubmitted tothe competent courtfor the seat ofPPUHDAMPOLPiotrDamme.

9.3.In matters not coveredby these Rulesthe provisions ofthe Civil Code, the provisions of the Act onelectronic servicesand other relevantprovisions of the Polish law shall apply.

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